3D Printing

Print complex 3D parts from a variety of resins

Digital Design & Fabrication, is capable of 3D printing highly detailed parts using resin SLA printing technology. Based in Los Angeles, we use 3D printing to complement our CNC machining projects in the art and entertainment industries.

Here at DDF we print in a variety of resins based on the needs of your project. We offer the flexibility to either work with designs and files provided by our clients or collaborate with them to create new designs from scratch. Our team comprises seasoned professionals with decades of industry experience, who are devoted to delivering superior service and quality.

We comprehend the distinct requirements of clients in the arts and entertainment sectors and endeavor to meet their demanding deadlines. With our fully automated and quality-controlled processes, each project is executed on schedule and to the highest standards.

Our swift turnaround times and meticulousness are our hallmarks, and we remain dedicated to providing our clients with top-quality products and services. Some examples of the machines and products we offer are listed below.

At DDF, we specialize in 3D printing technology that allows us to create precise and intricate designs with ease. Our state-of-the-art 3D printers are capable of producing a wide range of objects.

Using advanced software, we can transform digital designs into physical objects with incredible accuracy and speed. Our printers use a variety of resins that range in durability, flexibility, and color. For small parts, we use our printers to produce components quickly and efficiently. These printers are perfect for creating models, figurines, and other small-scale objects.

We can also print complex designs. These machines allow us to create highly detailed parts with complex geometries and intricate shapes. With their very fine layer capabilities, we can print to achieve the desired shape with precision and accuracy.

Our team of experienced technicians can help you determine the right approach for your project. Whether you need a simple prototype or a complex, multi-part assembly, we have the expertise and technology to get the job done. Contact us today to learn more about our 3D printing services and how we can help you bring your projects to fruition.