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cnc water jet cutting

-Uses a strong jet stream of water mixed with abrasive to cut materials
-Cuts metals, alloys, composites, stone/granite/quartz/marble/ceramics,
glass, plastics, woods, tile, plastics, fiberglass, foam, rubbers and more
-Max cutting area: 55" x 100"

water jet details

cnc laser cutting & engraving

-Uses a 150 W Co2 laser to cut & engrave materials
-Cuts acrylics, woods, leathers, fabrics, carpet/rug/felt, paper/cardboard, glass, plastic and fiber glass
-Max material envelope: 4' x 8' x 6" Deep

laser cutter details

cnc mill

Spinning, cutting & drilling tools move in 3 directions (X, Y, Z) to mill, engrave and shape plastics & metals
We can use 24 different tools on our milling center
Max material envelope: 50" w x 20" x 25"

mill details

cnc router milling & engraving

Uses drilling/milling tools to remove material and carve paths/shapes
We can mill acrylics, woods, plastics, foam and non-ferrous metals like copper/aluminum/brass
Max material envelope: 5' x 10' x 5" Deep

router details

cnc 3d printer

Uses resin to build material up into desired shape
3D parts are built layer by layer with a laser to solidify the liquid as layers grow
We can improve the resolution and structure prior to printing
Please ask us more about the resins you can use
Max material envelope: 5.7" x 5.7" x 7.25"

3d printer details

cnc robotic arm

Uses a robotic arm with exchangeable drilling/milling "bits" to carve paths/shapes/forms
Because it can travel along 5 axes it is the ideal machine for large-scale sculpture out of foam & unique organic forms
We can carve foam and wood with our robot
Max material envelope: 10' Diameter

robot details

we hope this information on cnc will inspire, influence & guide your project in new and inventive ways. we encourage you to bring your questions and your dreams to our team to help you imagine the possibilities.

The more you work with our design team and our machines, the more you will develop the insight to work with and trust the advantages of cnc.

be sure to read about our strategic design-proof and production process to help you get started on your next project.

still confused on what cnc is? check out our cnc guide article to find out more…


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